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[IP] Re: peeing in a cup -Easier way

I have 2 of those as well as 2 of those "hat" thingies you can
pee into at the hospital. I was given explicit instructions not
to pee into anything but the collection container itself (they
said it was so it would not affect the results, etc.) I bet those
pee strainer funnels would work great (stuck inside the collar of
the jug) though - at least to help aim. I have tons of those. :)

Linda said:
The first time 15y/o Liz had to do the 24hr urine collection I
went out to a medical supply place and purchased one of those
sitz (sp?) thingies for about $5 . It's a plastic bowl-shaped
container with a lip that you place between the ceramic and seat
(it also has a little curve for easy pouring). Once she's done
with her business we just pour the contents into the lab
container and wash out the sitz thing for next time. No muss, no
fuss, especially when you're half asleep!

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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