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[IP] Re: thanks for yr help

One question for you Neeti: What would happen to *him* if *you* suddenly
G'd-forbid had a heart attack or got run over by a car? Why think about the
future that way? Anything can happen to anyone, even someone who has nothing
"wrong" with them. You could be healthy one minute and then who knows what
might happen somewhere down the line. Think about this please!

Regarding lifestyle changes: I don't know. Is he taking insulin injections?
Well, the cost of insulin and needles, etc. must be added to your family
budget. Also you need to include the charges for doctors appointments. Your
life will probably change for the better, especially if he is taking good
care of himself. You will be eating healthier, for one. My lifestyle had
changed once I got married. I had someone who really cared about me. If my
blood sugar would fall in the middle of the night, he would get me some
orange juice to bring it back up. You may even become more sympathetic
towards others, especially if your fianci often finds himself in
discrimination matters. For example, here in the U.S. there are a few jobs
that diabetics cannot do. This is slowly changing, but as far as I know,
diabetics cannot be bus drivers or firemen. Before, diabetics could not
become police officers. That has changed.

     There is nothing as of yet that you can do to prevent diabetes. But
again, people can become diabetics even if there is none in the family.
Cancer too and other diseases can occur without there being anyone in the
family with these diseases. Again, you'll handle it when or if it comes

     It would seem a shame for you to not marry this man since you both love
each other so much. What would have happened if he did not tell you about
his diabetes? Let's say you found out about it *after* you were married.
Would you divorce him? Probably not, especially if you love him as much as
you say.

     Well, that's all I can say. You can try to log onto:
email @ redacted  Although most of the members at that site are using
insulin pumps, they may be able to give you more insight about being spouses
of diabetics.

Take care!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Neeti.Nagpal" <email @ redacted>
To: "Sharon Amann" <email @ redacted>
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 11:17 PM
Subject: thanks for yr help

> Dear Sharon,
> Thanks you so much for your quick response,,you have been very helpful
> and I am so grateful that you took so much time outand gave me your
> valuable advise....!
> Yes you are right I must do what my heart and mind tells me...my heart
> tells me that I love him too much to let him go ....but my mind..well
> the problem is my practical mind is a bit scared abt the fact that in
> future I may have to face a tough time if something happens to him...i
> will not be able to bear it...!
> .
> but your mail has given me so much hope and confidence..maybe I have the
> strength to face it and maybe the best will happen...why am I assuming
> the worse..one thing I know is if I let him go, i will never be able to
> love anyone as much..and same for him as he is also very intense..and
> has confessed that he has never loved anyone before..
> can u please help me more by telling me what exactly will be the
> lifestyle changes I will have to take if we get married? maybe yr
> husband can write these to me with you ..but you already know...
> congatulations on your marriage in '99..all the best and hope this year
> is great for you...
>  is there any way to prevent it from passing to kids..?thats also one of
> my major concerns..bu as you said cures are being found out and I am
> sure we can do something about it.
> please give me email ids of anyone who you think can also be helpful and
> also names of some sites that can be helpful..i would really appreciate
> it..
> please write soon.
> where in the world do you stay and what do you do..?
> i would like to now about you...
> Have a nice day !
> best regds
> Neeti
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Sharon Amann [SMTP:email @ redacted]
> > Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 9:40 PM
> > To: Neeti.Nagpal
> > Subject: Re: please help
> >
> > Dear Neeti,
> >
> >      You need to do what is best for you. I'll give you my advice
> > after
> > being a Type 1 diabetic for almost 29 years. First of all, you never
> > know
> > when diabetes will enter into a family. What I mean is even though
> > there may
> > not be a single case of diabetes in your family, someone could still
> > become
> > diabetic. So, if you're worried about the fact that since he's a
> > diabetic
> > that he could pass it down to his children, that could be true, but it
> > could
> > also be true with people who are not diabetic.
> >
> >      I just got married in August of 1999. I told my future husband
> > about my
> > diabetes and he just said that it didn't matter. He would take care of
> > me
> > and we would handle whatever came to us. Well, he kept his word. I am
> > strong
> > and healthy thanks in part to him. As a spouse of a diabetic, there
> > will be
> > times when your husband will need to count on you, but most of the
> > time, he
> > will be fine. Diabetes is *not* a contagious disease! You wrote that
> > he does
> > take care of his diet, he exercises, and he takes his insulin. That is
> > great!
> >
> >      I say, go get married! If children come along and one happens to
> > become
> > a diabetic, you'll deal with it. It is not a death sentence! Now, as
> > I'm
> > sure you've read, there are lots of kids on insulin pump delivery
> > systems.
> > I'm using one now, but if I had had one when I was first diagnosed
> > when I
> > was 9 1/2 yrs. old, my life would've been so much better. So, there's
> > all
> > kinds of scientific research dealing with diabetes out there right now
> > and
> > maybe by the time you are ready to have children, there will be a cure
> > for
> > diabetes!!
> >
> >      Please do what your heart and mind tell you. It sounds like
> > you've been
> > matched to a wonderful man! Think about it twice before you let him go
> > just
> > because he has diabetes!
> >
> > --Sharon
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Neeti.Nagpal" <email @ redacted>
> > To: <email @ redacted>; <email @ redacted>;
> > <email @ redacted>; <email @ redacted>;
> > <email @ redacted>
> > Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 5:48 AM
> > Subject: please help
> >
> >
> > > Hi There
> > > I am neeti from India.
> > > I got your email address from the site
> > > www.childrenwithdiabetes.com
> > > Actually I am 23 yrs old and am going through a very strangephase in
> > my
> > > life and need help from people who know about diabetes.
> > > My parents were looking for a guy fro me to get married and I met a
> > vry
> > > nice guy who is smart educated, well cultured and very loving. I
> > love
> > > him a lot and so does he.
> > > The problem is that one month after knowing him I came to know that
> > he
> > > has got type 1 diabetes, insulin dependent juvenile diabetes.
> > > My parents were very against this marriage as his family has a
> > history
> > > of type 2 daibetes and he has type 1. so it can pass on to the
> > future
> > > generation also and they are worried if some complication happens
> > and
> > > something happens to him also!
> > > i too am worried abt all this and havemet doctors also they say
> > anything
> > > can happen.He takes good care of his diet , exercises and takes
> > insulin
> > > evry day.
> > > I love hima lot but i am not very sure if i will be able to face
> > thibgs
> > > if they go wrong.
> > > Can I get some help from you?
> > > I want to know if this will be a serious problem if I marry him
> > > he is not in town and will come by 20th jan can you pls answer me
> > soon
> > > so that i can take a decision?
> > >
> > > look forward to yrhelp as it may change my life
> > >
> > > bestregds
> > > Neeti
> > >
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