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[IP] Carb. Ratios

Someone asked about carb ratios changing throughout the day. I am at about 1 unit per 14 carbs most of the day, but it seems to go way up at breakfast.  If I eat anything before 9:30 am, I need to take 1 unit per 11 carbs.  This is an estimate since I have only
been pumping since August and am also 5 months pregnant.  I can't say this is a concrete answer.  I just know that if I eat the same sized bowl of Life cereal at breakfast, I need more than 9 units of insulin where 6 or so is fine at lunch. It seems to be a day
to day thing right now. I do know 1 unit will bring me down around 40 points unless I am already over 200. Then I may have to take 1.3 units or so for the same drop in blood sugar. I wish I knew an exact scientific formula, but it just doesn't seem to work that
way with my body. And certain foods completely blow this theory.  I have decided to just give up Pop Tarts. Cherry PopTarts are 38 grams of carb each (to my recollection). But if I take the correct amount of insulin for 38 carbs, my bg will continue to rise and
need to be adjusted several times over the  next couple of hours.  I guess this is because of the fat content, but other fatty foods don't seem to give me the same problem.  Live and learn I guess. My basals seem to be close since not eating at all keeps me on

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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