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[IP] Minimed 511 an FYI

Hello all,

I found the following info at diabetesnet.com, for those of you who were in
last night's chat. No idea what the sources are for this, so take it with
that in mind:

>>The 508 is a minor upgrade of the 507C pump. MiniMed is currently working
on their next generation pump called the 511. With the 511, MiniMed is
switching to a DC motor, preferred for its strength and smooth basal
delivery. The 508 will become the last of the solenoid or stepper motor
pumps produced. MiniMed sources say the 511 will incorporate the frequent
basal delivery available in other pumps. It will incorporate a 150 unit
prefilled cartridge, a smaller size, and bi-directional infrared
communication and radiowave transmitter for continuous monitoring devices.

Another feature of the 511 is expected to be better protection against
electrostatic discharge which has been a nagging problem with current 508
models. If static electricity is encountered in contact with devices like a
lawnmower or touching a doorknob after crossing a rug, it causes the 508 to
zero out the pump's basal rates without warning. Basal rates should be
immediately checked following any static discharge. The loss of basal rates
may be discovered after the user encounters unexplained high blood sugars.
According to MiniMed's Cold, Shocking Story, it is recommended that the
batteries be removed from the pump for six to eight hours, then reinserted
to remedy this problem.<<

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