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Re: [IP] different carbohydrate ratios

On 16 Jan 2001, at 21:24, Jose Ribeiro wrote:

> How many of you guys have different
> carbohydrate ratios throughout the day?

I'm not in tight enough control yet to know if time of day needs a 
different carb ratio, however....

My basals are time-of-day specific (lowest during sleep, slightly 
higher 2 hrs before waking and highest the rest of the day).

And my carb ratio is changed based on my activity levels.  If I think 
I'm going to be even mildly active, I drop my ratio 5 pts.  If I think 
I'm going to be heavily active, I drop it 10 pts.  

Inactive: 15 gm/unit
Mildly active: 20 gm/unit
Heavily active: 25 gm/unit

And that's for the whole day.  I find that activity affects my ratio for 
hours afterward--particularly if it's got a lot of anaerobic type 
muscle work involved.
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