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[IP] waterproof case/geneva


geneva put her pump into this case and tested throughout the duration of the
river tubing excursion.   if she was high...she would hook up  (she was able
to do this easily from the tube...) and bolus for the high.

we have found that with ANY water activity...geneva is almost always normal
with BG's.   she really tends to run on the low side.

  the tubing trip was uneventful....

this waterproof 'wallet' is for storing all equip. in.   > NOT for remaining
hooked up.

we do alot of beach trips.  have never found anything that could store her
testing / emergency stuff for off-shore adventures.   by this I mean  floating
off to some deserted island for the day.   or being on a white water trip in
which you needed your equip.  and  didn't want to lose it.  this AQUAPAC will
float to surface  and is brightly colored for retrieval.

mom to geneva
glad to be back to IP list
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