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Re: [IP] Some very good news

>From: email @ redacted
>Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 07:00:13 EST
She was born January 2nd, 2001.  She weighed 3 lbs
>2 oz and 15 inches.  She came out screaming and nice and pimk.  Her daddy 
>to cut her umbilical cord.  She is up in NICU.  She was in Level 3 till
>Saturday and now moved to Level 2 which is called PCU_Progressive Care 
>She basically was breathing on her own since her birth.  She had an IV for
>antibiotics and extra calories, but that is been off for over a week.  She
>now is taking 28 cc's every 3 hours where 30 is an ounce.  She is a 
>eater. In the beginning her sugars were low, but now perfectly fine.  Her
>weight is now 3 lbs 3.6 oz as of last night.  She went as low as 2 lbs 13.4
>oz.  She is getting physical therapy, exercise and massage is very good for
>preemies, helps them to gain weight.  That is all for now with Aviva.  I am
>attaching a picture, so you can see how cute she is.
>Congratulations on new Baby. She sounds beautiful. Glad you are both doing 
>well. Keep us posted about both of you.
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