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[IP] Re:carb counting while on shots

I can't remember who asked about this, but I've always carb counted. I
was diagnosed in 1981, and started on two shots a day (R/N in morning and
evening). I switched to 4 shots a day in 1993 (R in am, lunch and dinner;
N at night). I never learned the exchange system, except when they made
me learn it at camp (as a result, I"m 'bilingual' and can determine carbs
or exchanges--what a talent, eh?). Instead of figuring out how many units
were needed per carb, I was on a strict 50 carb per meal, 20 per snack
diet. I was instructed to make most of the carbs from bread, about 10
from milk, and 10 from fruit. I was well-controlled through most of that


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