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Re:[IP] I still don't like pumping

I'm a little late to this conversation, and new to the list so forgive any
indiscretions. When I started on the pump, I got VERY frustrated. My brilliant
nurse educator (Della Matheson) let me know that at any time, I could "take a
vacation" from the pump. (Just like you can't from diabetes!) So, if you want
to go to a pool party and not worry about unhooking or getting your pump
splashed on, or if you just want to experience intimacy with your partner
without a string getting in the way, take a few days off! Just make sure you
have an appropriate regimen with shots to keep you covered until you decide to
try pumping again. Many docs recommend NPH rather than Lente or Ultralente
because the longer-acting ones tend to hang around too long and make you too
low when you restart pumping.
P.S. I found the Sil. much easier to insert than the Sofset.
type 1 x27 yrs, pumper x6 yrs
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