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[IP] How my pump and I got to work this morning

This morning I'd just gotten pump and thigh thing into place 
(but without the clippy thing that attaches the thigh thing to 
my clothes), when I looked at the clock and realized that it 
was 7:17 and I had to be at the bus stop at 7:20. I threw on 
my skirt, grabbed my satchel, lunch, book, scarf, and coat, 
and dashed out the door -- all while frantically hitching up 
my pump, which was threatening to slip down below the 
bottom of my skirt.

Well, I got to the bus stop just in time, got a seat on the bus, 
and stowed my lunch, book, etc. in my satchel. For a terrifying 
moment I thought I'd forgotten the clippy thing (you must never 
forget the clippy thing, oh Best Beloved), but luckily I'd stuffed 
it in the pocket of my coat. 

That was just the beginning. For one thing, I have a complicated 
commute (bus to BART train to a shuttle to work). My connection 
times are very tight, and I have to make them all if I'm going to
catch the last shuttle (and if I miss it I have to take another bus 
that gets me to work half an hour later). If anything is late (as 
often happens), I have to run up and/or down stairs and across 
train stations to make my connection.

With a pump slipping down my thigh.

The big question in my mind? How to clip the thigh thing
to my underwear without exposing myself to my fellow

Luckily, my bus was on time, so I had a whole three minutes
to get into the station, up to the platform, and in place to catch
my train -- hanging onto my pump for dear life. (At this point
I was kicking myself for wearing a skirt with no pockets.)  Did 
I mention that I *never* get a seat on BART when I first get on? 
This morning was no exception. I stood up and read my book as 
usual, surreptitiously reaching down to adjust my pump every 
time it started to slide down my leg. After about 15 minutes we 
got to downtown San Francisco. Most of the passengers got off 
there, and I grabbed a seat to ride to my stop, which is the end of 
the line.

When the crowd had thinned enough that I had almost the whole
car to myself, I hitched up my skirt and got the clippy thing hooked
up. A few minutes later, I got up to get off the train. Oops!  It 
seems I hadn't attached the clippy thing securely enough, because 
it came undone almost immediately. Great. Now I have a pump 
slipping down my thigh *and* a clippy thing dangling down
below the hem of my skirt. 

No time to try to fix it before getting off the train.

I sauntered down the stairs to the bus lane, one hand casually
pressing against the front of my thigh. The shuttle was already 
waiting, and I got on. The last part of the story is much the same 
as the first: Most passengers get off at the first shuttle stop
and I get off at the second, so I had a few minutes of solitude
to once again attempt to clip my thigh thing into place. This 
time I managed it -- so I was able to breeze into work looking 
cool as a cucumber, pump securely positioned.


It's good to arrive at work feeling as though you've already
accomplished something important!

/Janet L.

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