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Re: [IP] swimming/watersports/

> Hi everyone,
> Just wondering, has anyone out there ever scuba dived on a pump.  I
> am a very keen scuba diver, however stopped once I became diabetic
> because of my use of N (and subsequent lows, wouldn't want to have
> one at 100 feet!).
> However, now I am only on humalog, what do people think?
My daughter Lily(17) is a certified advanced SCUBA diver. The pump 
comes off for diving. She tends to get a little high while diving. I 
suspect the exertion and energy drain put demands on her system for 
that uses all available insulin in her system. We've been very 
conservative about it so far, she is just beginning to bolus a little 
extra now before going in the water. She's done a number of deep 
dives 80 to 90 feet or so and has had a chance to see the wonders of 
the under water world in Monterey, Hawaii and the Calif Channel 
Islands --- ALWAYS with a buddy.

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