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Re: [IP] velosulin

> Hi,
> We've had the same problems that you're experiencing. 
> The control just is not there that I'd hoped for with
> straight humalog and the sites don't last either. 
> Other people with more experience could tell you a lot
> more but I'll just let you know that in the few weeks
> that we've added velosulin to the humalog, the sites
> do last for 3 days where they'd only last 48 hours
> before.  Today we saw our endo and he said it's
> because velosulin has a buffering additive to it. 
> Humalog doesn't.  I asked him why Humalog doesn't come
> in buffered form for pump users and he didn't have an
> answer.

One of the senior scientests at MiniMed has said that the buffer in 
both Humalog and Velosulin is identical. The primary difference in 
Humalog is that is is not a 'real' insulin but rather has a couple of 
purposefully misplaced molecules in it's chain. No one really knows 
what causes Humalog irritation because no study has been done. 
Suffice it to say a large number of ancedotal reports indicates that 
mixing seems to work and Humalog can be a problem in a significant 
sub-population of it's users.

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