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[IP] Some very good news

Good morning!!!

Just wanted to update you for those who remember me.  Remember I was pregnant 
and due in March, well the plans kind of changed when my little girl decided 
she did not want to wait.  She was born January 2nd, 2001.  She weighed 3 lbs 
2 oz and 15 inches.  She came out screaming and nice and pimk.  Her daddy got 
to cut her umbilical cord.  She is up in NICU.  She was in Level 3 till 
Saturday and now moved to Level 2 which is called PCU_Progressive Care Unit. 
She basically was breathing on her own since her birth.  She had an IV for 
antibiotics and extra calories, but that is been off for over a week.  She 
now is taking 28 cc's every 3 hours where 30 is an ounce.  She is a champion 
eater. In the beginning her sugars were low, but now perfectly fine.  Her 
weight is now 3 lbs 3.6 oz as of last night.  She went as low as 2 lbs 13.4 
oz.  She is getting physical therapy, exercise and massage is very good for 
preemies, helps them to gain weight.  That is all for now with Aviva.  I am 
attaching a picture, so you can see how cute she is.

For me is is very tough to leave, but it is a little easier now she is doing 
well, so less crying.  As for the diabetes, I am doing better then from 
before I was pregnant.  I am onlt taking 60 or so units a day.  When pregnant 
was about 25o units and before was 100.  My carb ratio is 1 to 10.  So trying 
my best.

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