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Re: [IP] Camp wouldn't allow son to go/Life Insurance

My mother is an insurance agent who cannot find me a life insurance policy.
It has something to do with a standard for Type 1's...if a person was
diagnosed before the age of 17, then they are considered higher risk/shorter
lifespan than a non-diabetic of the same age.  I was 11 when diagnosed and am
now 29 (YIKES---30 is just around the corner!)  Nevermind the fact that
because of this diagnosis, I am very healthy!  And probably healthier than a
counterpart of my same age, ht., wt., without diabetes.   There are some
higher risk policies that have sent her information and I will have a life
insurance policy soon.  But she could not get me a policy throught her
primary company because of this 'unwritten rule' than most companies follow.

Roxanne Villanueva RD, LD
Cleveland, Ohio
DM for 18+ years and pumping for 6+ years.

Remember...Diabetics are naturally sweet!

In a message dated 01/16/2001 12:46:45 AM Eastern Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< The camp that most kids in our area go to the Woodsmen of the World - I
 that was the name of the sponsor.  I do know it was an insurance company
 funded camp.  Therefore, since 1 of the requirements were for the children
 have their policy wrote as part of the agreement, Kap was turned down, due
 the fact, they would not write an insurance policy on him.  I will never
 forget the top dog's blunt reason,  sorry, but people with diabetes have
 shorter than average life spans, therefore it would be not in their best
 interest to write a policy on him.
 I did feel somewhat better, after I told him that I would go to newspaper
 with this, because I vowed to let everyone know that his insurance company
 did not have the children's best interest at heart, all they wanted was $$$$
 for their company.   If thoughts could kill his life span would have had
 a lot shorter.  Kap had been dx'd only 6 months, so you can just guess my
 anger at his words.
 Kap wanted to go to camp with his friend, this was going to be his 1st time
 camping,  and he didnt want to go to D camp alone.  I didnt want him going
 camp last year, we were still too new to pumping, he and I both were not
 willing to leave each other.  However, this year he will go to D camp, but I
 would love for him to go to another camp with children without D.  So, he
 will go to the Basketball camp this summer.
 Thanks for listening
 Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 pumping 1/19/00 - dxd 8/26/98  >>
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