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[IP] non diabetic camps

hello after a long hiatus!

geneva,  now age 11 1/2,  attended a girl scout camp last summer after three
years of diabetes camp in the sierras of CA.

she had no problem whatsover as the director of the camp happened to be a type
2 and HER daughter was type 1.

I made sure that she had access to a sterile place to change her site,  a
supply of glucose/juice  in her back pack that was with her at all times,
every possible emergency supply of sils/IV preps/etc.  in the camp nurse's
office.  plus...I got a cell phone so that she could call me in any emergency.

I have found that most camps are willing and able to provide support for your
child.  geneva actually attended a non diabetes camp when she was only dx'd
for three months.  at age 7.  even with shots...the nurse there handled it
with aplomb.  she just did her testing / injection along with the other kids
getting their ritalin.

as long as you are a phone call away..I wouldn't worry.  I made arrangements
for one of the counselors to awaken geneva when she went to bed ...which is
usually late for counselors  (this is their free time).  that way...we got our
midnight BG.  they were informed to give juice if under 100.

we let geneva run on the high side while at camp.  around 140 was perfect.
she had no problems whatsover.  she did not wear pump while swimming or doing
active things.  her levels were unbelievably great.

if you would like to email me privately,  I can give you more details.

mom to geneva who is having the best year of her life on the pump.
just moved to OHIO
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