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We've had the same problems that you're experiencing. 
The control just is not there that I'd hoped for with
straight humalog and the sites don't last either. 
Other people with more experience could tell you a lot
more but I'll just let you know that in the few weeks
that we've added velosulin to the humalog, the sites
do last for 3 days where they'd only last 48 hours
before.  Today we saw our endo and he said it's
because velosulin has a buffering additive to it. 
Humalog doesn't.  I asked him why Humalog doesn't come
in buffered form for pump users and he didn't have an
answer.  I suspect this may be part of the reason why
Lilly hasn't sought pump approval for Humalog; perhaps
they'd have to offer a buffered humalog and that would
increase their overhead.  I've written both Lilly and
Novo asking for a buffered Humalog or Novorapid (how
can they keep a buffered Novorapid off the market if
there is no other product like it?).  I've also phoned
Lilly.  Maybe if we all start calling and writing,
they'll at least put this on the drawing board and
start talking about it.  By the way, we mix 5 parts
humalog to 1 part Velosulin (buffered regular).  It
seems to be working but again, we've only been doing
it for a few weeks.  Thanks again to Michael for
sharing his experiences from the past several
years...it's indeed priceless!

mom to Michael, age 10

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