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[IP] Re: Females outnumber males on the list

I guess that it's probably been posted, but what
is the adult male/female proportion?  I would
guess that females would outnumber males because
of access or profession not (only) because of
any inherent 'caregiving' mentality.  IMO
females would outnumber males in nursing, and
therefore cde's and would be pretty close in
doctors who are on the list.  Of men and women
who work 24 hours/day without computer access at
work, what is the proportion?  Women are more
likely (sadly) to be able to access the computer
more often because they are more likely to be
around their home computer for more hours, even
though they may be more busy throughout the day
with household chores and caregiving.

Because men are not given the opportunity to be
caregivers and househusbands does not mean they
couldn't, or wouldn't, do so.  I am a believer
in absolute equity in that women that want to be
presidents and ceo's should be able to, just as
men that want to take care of their children
should also be able to, without being looked
down on.
Jack Granowski
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