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Re: [IP] Velosulin

> We have had a heck of time with Brian's sites lately - they seem to
> be failing within 24 - 48 hours as evidenced by very high bg that
> doesn't respond to correction boluses.  We have an appt. with our
> endo next week, and I want to discuss the possibility of using
> Velosulin.  I have heard of others on this list who use it
> successfully to extend the life of the sites.
>  I have researched it
> -but can't find a lot of info. Please e-mail me directly if you have
> any information or tips on using Velosulin.

Your endo probably won't know a thing about this. The incidence of 
Humalog sensitivity in the general population is 5% or so as 
evidenced by the number of pumpers that use a mix (see the ABOUT 
pages of the web site). That combined with the myrdrid of other 
problems that produce similar symptoms keeps this pretty much hidden 
from the view of most endo's.

Velosulin is just a regular insulin that is buffered specifically for 
use in pumps. Any pharmacy can order if for you, no prescription is 
required though you may need one for insurance reimbursement.
The trade name is Velosulin BR - NovoNordisk

You can get a ton of info on the subject by going to the search tool 
on the Insulin Pumpers site and searching the old US mail archives 
for the key words "Humalog Velosulin"

Short answer:
You can verify that Humalog is the problem by switching to Regular or 
Velosulin for a week or so and seeing if site life is then 3-4 days 
minimum. Remember that if you do this, the onset time for the insulin 
is different and all the settings on the pump will have to be moved 
about one hour earlier to compensate for the longer onset of regular 
insulins. Remember, YMMV for this -- it's an average. If you can 
verify that site life improves in this manner, then a mix will 
probably solve the problem. We use 5 parts of H and 1 part of V and 
find that site live is 4 days or more. Lily change twice a week, so 
beyond 4 days is and will remain a mystery.
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