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[IP] Re: Females outnumber males on the list

Another view:

In US/North American culture, women are encouraged
to think that the first thing you do when you have a problem
is go ask your girlfriends for advice. Men are encouraged
to figure things out on their own, or turn to books or other
impersonal sources of information. This means that women
tend to be quite used to asking for and offering help and 
advice. There is a whole feminine culture of sharing practical 
information and listening to each other vent. 

I believe the technical term for this is "gossiping."  ;}

Once again, I am not saying that women are naturally better 
at this sort of thing -- just that girls tend to learn early to 
participate and feel comfortable in this kind of network, while 
boys usually don't. 

I'm grateful for the contributions of everyone on this list.

/Janet L.

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