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Re: [IP] Sof-set question


  I think you will like the sof-sets.  My son started out on the Tenders (Dis 
H-Tron) but they were so painful even with numbing and I never knew whether I 
had them in right or not.  So he has gone with the sof-sets using their 
serter and what a difference it has made for BOTH of us.  And his BGs are 
greatly improved using them too!  We use the micros because Josh is so 
skinny.  Anyway, I notice that it does take about 3-4 units count down on the 
pump when priming the short end and I've been told to bolus a full unit to 
prime the cannula.  Plus we leave the old site in for a few hours so he can 
benefit from that left-over insulin dripping in.

  Hope you like the new sets.  Oh, call Customer service at MM and they will 
send you a real nifty video on how to do the sof-sets using their serter.  It 
is great plus they included written instruction.  Did you get the serter?  If 
not ask for one of those too.  We got ours for free, as I know a lot of 
others have too.  It makes all the difference in the world!  And, unless Dis 
comes up with a serter device for their new sets I will probably stick with 
MMs because of their serter device.  I've already told Dis about this thing 
and described it.  The guy was going to discuss it with R&D at Dis about 
coming up with something of their own!!!  But why switch if something works.  
And my 9 y.o. likes it alot!!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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