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Re: [IP] Sof-set question

On 14 Jan 2001, at 19:17, Laura Lillie wrote:

> How much insulin fills the short tubing that leads to the catheter (or how
> much should you bolus after inserting a new set)?  

I haven't tried to measure it perfectly, but it's around 20 units.  After 
I've pushed the insulin through, I prime 5 units, making sure it's 
dripping.  THEN I insert it and prime a 1/2 unit.  I did the same for 
both Ultimate and Micro.

>Is it the same amount for
> both the Ultimate and the Micro? 

The cannula in the Ultimate (9 mm.  Micro is 5 mm) may take 1/10 
of a unit more, I'm not sure.

>I'm trying some samples but received no
> instructions whatsoever.

I know for the Micro QR, once I've inserted it, I bolus 1/2 a unit.  I'll 
bet the difference between Ultimate and Micro is not much.

BUT in either case, I try to make sure I follow it with a very carby 
meal so that I can create a little pocket around the cannula.

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