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[IP] 20 unit Alarm

I have the animas pump and you can set it to alarm at 20 units or a higher 
amount.  I chose 20 units as I usually use 18-20 units per day.  When it 
alarms I know I have approx. 24 hours before I have to refill it so I plan 
ahead for a convenient time in the next 24 hours and then fill at that time. 
  It continually shows remaining units of insulin in increments of 5 and the 
last time I let it get to 5 units left and it still worked good at that 
point and kept my sugars even.  When I filled a new cartrige and took the 
old one out, I finished the old one "by hand" to see how much was left and 
there was only a few drops of insulin left so it will virtually work until 
the very last drop!
Trish Ober
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