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Re: [IP] Re: Snow White

At 11:18 AM 1/13/2001 Jack Granowski wrote:
 >I would think that the perpetrator could
 >be tracked down fairly easily.  Someone could
 >have signed on to appropriate all of the
 >addresses (2,800?), as they often do on
 >newsgroup lists, and either use or sell them.
 >Is there any way to guard against that?

The way a lot of these email viruses work is that after they get activated, 
they replicate and send themselves out again to everyone in your email 
address book. Once all these people get it, the program tries to do the 
same thing again to everyone in their email address books... you can see 
how this could exponentially explode. Within a few hours or days this can 
replicate to millions of messages.

All it takes is someone who has gotten infected that has your name in their 
email address book. Then, you'll get the virus-laden mail and the original 
person doesn't even realize that it's happened. While the virus can only 
read the address book from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, even 
non-Outlook users can receive the virus... they just can't pass it on as 

I don't think you could get infected directly from this list. However, if 
another member, who has your email address, gets the virus, then you could 
receive it from them without their knowledge.

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