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[IP] Females outnumber males on the list

I realize that the list is primarily female. Why is that? Is it because
women do the childcare and men are couch slugs? Or. Is it because wives
are given the luxury of time to participate by their husbands. Both I
imagine. Curtis Lomax abridged considerably by spot.

curtris, as Kerri Southard points out women are the cement of civilization 
and are not only caregivers to their husbands but to the entire family. It 
is also my experience that more women get IDDM than guys despite the 
statistics, at least they are not so macho that they don't go for 
treatment. Women are also better at listening to people and are more tuned 
into their bodies than men, i guess that comes from their circadian rhythm 
from the menstral cycle. Without women we would be in a bad state. Spot and 
A Bender, M. D.
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