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[IP] 24 turned 48

>>Funny thing happened when I took in my 24hr urine today.  It never made
Dear Dauna,
   Well, now, I have my story with urine never making it to lab.  Haven't
shared this story since I just couldn't laugh about it before.  I had a
radioactive test done on 24 hr. urine test.  When I carried it to the
hospital in the large gallon jug, I thought it would be safest to put it on
the passenger seat with the seat belt fastened.  Just 2 blocks from hospital,
a car pulled  right in front of me and stopped for a left turn.  I slammed on
my brakes, it was that or smash into him, and that jug went flying over the
seat belt to the floor where I heard the gurgling of the urine running out.
No way I could save it.  Got to the hospital, and told them what happened and
that I had to go and get my car cleaned out.  No way, they told me, the car
had to be tested for radioactivity!!!
   They sent someone with a geiger counter and equipment and they tested the
auto and me.  It was ok to leave, but I had to, of course, take the test
again.  Required me to swallow radioactive pills.
   Needless to say, it took days to just get the urine out of the carpets of
the car, but the odor of urine remained until I traded it in.
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