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Re: [IP] 24 turned 48

I really got a kick out of your hilarious story.  And I thought I was the 
only one who did that kind of stuff!
Last week, I was given the infamous red plastic jug to use for 24 hrs. with 
strict instructions to return it to the office after a 24 hr. collection.
I started the test in the am and faithfully stood and peed in that bottle, 
standing up and between my legs.  Well, when I awoke the next am we had had a 
terrible ice storm, trees down everywhere, not one going anywhere. The drs. 
office was closed so I reluctantly flushed it all down and started over 2 
days later.
Called the office and was told I could have refrigerated it for 24 hr. but, 
oh well, start it again.  Started the pee pee thing again and at 3 a.m. I 
proceeded to drop that slippery, plastic jug and ended up with the contents 
everywhere on the floor.  Had to call the office again and tell them I would 
not be in with it that day either.   When I finally did manage to get it done 
and returned to them they did not document the volume.  I had a blood test 
done that day and again on the day I returned it.  
Report said I had 44% kidney function.  I was not happy about that but the 
endo said that he did not think that could be correct either as both blood 
tests confirmed that my kidney function was very normal.  Later he asked how 
I had collected the specimen and when I told him he was not very happy that 
his nurse had not given me a plastic collection pan to place in the toilet to 
collect the urine.  Also said that I probably had not collected all of it.  
Needless to say, I don't know what to believe now.  Any suggestions?  Is this 
the way you all have it done?  That was the first time ever for me after 
being D for 35 yrs.
Now I think the whole scenario is pretty funny and I can laugh about it.  
Hope you can to.
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