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[IP] Re: Digest #XXX OR Subject line in e-mails

> As far as I can tell a message on the list
will have a subject line in
> either of two formats:

> Format Example #1:   [IP] Subject_Line
> Format Example #2:   Re: [IP] Subject_Line

Actually there are 3:
Format Example #3:   [IP] Re: Subject_Line

Which you had on your post and is the way that I
do it off the digest.  I will normally copy a
subject line that I may be interested in, use
the find (Messenger) and read the posts on that
issue in the digest.  If I am to reply to one, I
will hit the 'new message' button (not 'reply'),
input the 'send to' of
'email @ redacted', add 'Re:' to
the subject line and paste the copied subject to
the remainder of the subject line and copy the
meaningful part of the post that I am replying
to and only the meaningful part not the whole
post.  Which appears to be the method that you
used accept without pasting from the original
post.  When it is done this way, ip will add the
[IP] to the beginning.  I will also 'usually'
add '> ' before each line, or just at the
begining and the end.  Many times we are getting
(besides bad subject lines) pasted originals
that make it hard to determine which part is
prior and which is new.

If you wanted to go to the trouble, you could
hit 'reply' change the subject line to the
correct one and delete everything that you don't
want.  When done this way it will have the
format of #2, which will have the same format as
replies from non digest users.  Many seem to
forget to change the subject line, or forget to
delete all of the other posts in that issue of
the digest, wasting a lot of bandwidth, etc.

When a post has 'Re: Digest #XXX' I will
automatically ignore it as it must not be
important anyway.

Incidentally, is there a place that the past
issues can be searched, without physically going
to each one individually?
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Certified allexperts.com expert -
Time is the fire in which we burn.
 - Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991)
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