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[IP] log books

Lauren got her pump in the mail today. She is so very excited. The video was
excellent; really explained all the things I was nervous about. But I'm
wondering: I thought some kind of more detailed log book would come with the
pump. now we use the log books you get with One Touch Profile and Dex, but I
thought I saw someone with one that was just for pumping, with room to
record more information. Does anyone know about them? I suppose I could call
Minimed but you guys are so knowledgeable . . .

The Minimed book has a half page where you can make notes on the reverse of 
the next log page. I found that my endo didn't care about my log books only 
that I kept one that he/she could read. I had the last page in the pumping 
insulin book reproduced at a local alphagraphics or Kinkos store and use 
that now which both endo's like. You can get the computer log page from the 
list server too I think or from david (n4bgh) who adapted it to an excel 
sreadsheet. I find that my old endo who has known me as long as I have had 
diabetes likes the food portion of the page where I record foods eaten she 
then reminds me of going off my meal plan which now shows around my 
beltline.  Never assume the endo doesn't want the info, the one time I went 
to my Phila endo he asked me for it. I thought he didn't really look at it. 
BTW thanks for your ego building vote of confidance. Spot and christine.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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