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Re: [IP] 20 units alarm

>Hi, everyone I need to know should you change your insulin cartridge when the
>20 unit alarm goes off or wait until it's almost empty?

I watch the cartridge so i know about when to expect the 20 u alarm.  When
it goes off; I do a rough calculation of the number of hours (total
estimated dosage incl basal and bolus) I have until the cart is empty.

Depending on the time of day and my estimated food intake in the coming
hours; I make a decision then to either leave the cart in until next day
etc or change it if I am heading out.

It is a handy alarm for taking the insulin out of the fridge to warm up or
to fill a replacement cart. so all is ready when the cart is empty.

Ex:  At my current basal rates:  20 units is adequate for 16 hours of basal
plus 4 units for bolus.  Thus, if at 10:00pm the alarm goes off and the
O-rings are where they should be on teh cart and there are no air bubbles
in the cart; I anticipate a 6 unit bolus for a night snack and know the
remaining 14 units will see me to 10:00am the next am.  So I plan on
replacing the cart at about 10:00am the next day.

Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
Pumping for 1 month + thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends!
In 5 days on the pump I obtained better control than I had done in 27 years
of MDI!  (To date:  43% improvement in average bg's and 90% fewer hypos)!
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