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Re: [IP] poor Erica

Lori A. Willey wrote:

> The best thing to do when vomiting, as my doctor has told me, is give the
> lemon lime flavored Gatorade, I hope you have it in Canada?  It will keep
> the liposites or something she needs in her, even if she does re-vomit it
> up.  ^^^^^^^^

I think the word you're looking for is electrolytes. 

The problem (or I should say ONE of the problems) with vomiting and/or
diarrhea, particularly for extended periods, is that the body loses
important minerals like sodium and potassium, which help conduct nerve
impulses and are necessary to sustain life. 

Regular pop doesn't supply those electrolytes, but Gatorade does. 

I once tried Gatorade (when I WASN'T sick) and it tasted terrible -- but
I've heard that it tastes wonderful when it's what you need!

However, sometimes you're too sick to even keep Gatorade down -- and if
it goes on for hours, it may be better to go to the ER and get an IV and
a shot of Phenergan to stop the vomiting than to try to treat it at
home. The dehydration caused by the vomiting is ONE of the things that
predisposes to DKA -- and even if the BG's are low, it's not to be taken

Hope Erica is feeling better by now!

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