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Fw: Fw: [IP] Another Victory!

Tried to send this to michael, but it was returned.
Jenny Sutherland
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No, unfortunately, nothing like this in California.  I recommend sending it
to your State Rep and asking him/her to sponsor similar legislation here in
Calif.  The atmosphere is right for it.  There's a State Senator from the
Montebello area whose name escapes me right now who is a chiropractor, and
the only practicing health care professional in the Calif legislature right
now- he sponsors a lot of health care legislation.  Let me know if you're
going to do a letter-writing campaign and I can help from this end.


>>> "Jennifer Sutherland" <email @ redacted> 01/11/01 04:39AM >>>
I know this one is about Michigan, but do you know of anything like this
This came off the insulin pumpers' list.
Jenny Sutherland

Thought I'd share this good news:

>LANSING, Mich., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Governor John Engler (R-MI) signed
into law today the Diabetes Cost Reduction Act (DCRA), a law requiring
Michigan regulated health insurance and managed care policies to cover
necessary diabetes supplies and services within 90 days. The first health
insurance reform measure enacted in Michigan in over a decade, the DCRA
ensures that affected Michigan health policies cover insulin, oral
medications, insulin pumps, blood glucose testing supplies, physician and
diabetes education services, and other supplies related to day-to-day
diabetes management. The law also <<<
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