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Re: [IP] Poor Erica :( Am I setting her up for Ketones?

Hi, So Far I haven't gotten the stomach flu while on the pump (Aug) but I
have gotten it while on MDI. I (unfortuantly) get very dehydrated, and
REALLY sick for 24-48 which sounds  like what is going on at your house.
I usually end up in emerg (We're in Canada) for about 12 hours on a
glucose/fluid/potassium drip because I've always had the insulin working
and not being used. (I can be fine and then 20 minutes later throwing up
and completely out of it) so something needed to be done about it.

With the pump hopefully all of that will get eaisier as the insulin
leaves the vlood stram fast. I would suggest sucking on ice chips so she
can stay slightly hydrated and using the glucose gel or even frosting
(NOT chocolate) if you have it in the house.

And to answer your question, yes I do usually go low with the stomach flu
and high with everything else. I would take the basals down as you did
and not worry so much about ketones over a shorter time span.- serious
lows can be just as bad long term, and more dangerous over the short

I hope Erica gets better soon;



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