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Joni Spurlin wrote:
>since Tuesday - i have not bolused for any meals and have
> maintained a NORMAL Bg  (100-120) for the entire time...how can that be????
> I can understand, maybe, the stress of the interview day on Wed...(snip)do you > think the need for insulin can be
> psychological, too??? am I bolusing too much or am I too depressed
> normally....would that have a real effect on need for insulin???
> (I am a type 2, been on pump for 6 months...I one of those really resistant
> folks - using around 90 units for basal/day and divide cho by 2 for
> boluses...so around 200 units per day of insulin...normally)

Hi, Joni,

A couple of thoughts:

One of the things I've found out is that when a Type 2 pancreas is
stressed by high BGs, the cells become less efficient because they are
overworked trying to compensate for the highs. On the other hand, when
your beta cells are rested from not having to work so hard, they become
more efficient. Thus, if you've been in good control with exogenous
insulin for a time, your beta cells have some insulin "stored up"
instead of having to secrete everything immediately, and then can
secrete that stored up insulin as needed.

I DON'T think the need for insulin is psychological at all -- except
insofar as pretty much all the stress hormones tend to RAISE insulin
requirements because they increase insulin resistance.

I notice the same thing in myself -- if I'm in good control, I tend to
STAY in good control -- and I don't have to be so precise on carb
counting (i.e. I can underestimate insulin a little). That's because I
DO have some beta cells left. It's MY theory that by going on insulin
early in the course of my slow-onset diabetes, I've preserved beta

I do notice a gradual deterioration over the years, but I figure the
longer I can keep whatever I have, the better, so I do make the effort
not to overtax my remaining betas. I have no doubt I'll run out of betas
eventually, but maybe not for a long time, if I'm lucky!

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