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Re: [IP] Re: Digest #XXX OR Subject line in e-mails

> >>   Ok, this is a pet peeve of mine.  Would everyone PLEASE put a
> >>   subject line in their emails to the IP list?  <<
> I agree but I have a related question.
> What needs to be in the subject line in order for the server software
> to correctly determine what threed the message belong to? Should "Re:"
> be included? Is the "[IP]" added by the system expected as part of the
> subject for a reply?

For an Original Post, use a Subject line that you feel best typifies 
the content of your Post.   When Replying to an existing post, your 
email software will typically add the "Re:" where appropriate.  The 
[IP] is added by the mail server software, no need to add that on 
your own.  There is sometimes a need to change the Subject line 
when the thread is following along a different topic than what the 
Original Subject line indicates and it is there that you should 
amend the Subject line.

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