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Re: [IP] 24 turned 48

In a message dated 1/12/01 8:36:52 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Dauna said:

<< > Funny thing happened when I took in my 24hr urine today.  It never made 
 > past the elevator! The bag broke and when the bag broke the container also
 > broke. Left a BIG puddle right in front of the elevator. If that wasnt bad 

And then Wombn wrote:
 *giggle*!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I shouldn't laugh, but you DID call it a "funny 
 thing"! <lots of stuff snipped here>
 But if/when my endo ever has me do a 24 hr urine, I'm definitely 
 going to pay attention to the quality of the bottle!!!!! >>

And Jan and Elvis add:

Last time I had *my* 24-hour urine, the *lab courier* dropped the jug and I 
had to pee all over again. The lab comped the second one. LOL
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