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Re: [IP] 24 turned 48

On 12 Jan 2001, at 20:01, dauna breiding wrote:

> Funny thing happened when I took in my 24hr urine today.  It never made it
> past the elevator! The bag broke and when the bag broke the container also
> broke. Left a BIG puddle right in front of the elevator. If that wasnt bad

*giggle*!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I shouldn't laugh, but you DID call it a "funny 

> BTW--I did alert them to the mess that needed cleaning up

Cool!  You might consider finding out how to send an appreciation 
to the janitor.

As a janitor myself (hubby and I run a janitorial business with quite 
a number of employees), the day after Xmas we had to deal with 3" 
of ...... um..... *black* water that covered about 1100 square feet 
(two office suites).  Took us 8 hours to disinfect everything that was 
sitting in that water....  the stench was unbelievable!!  I swear I 
could smell it for days.  blech.  (DON'T PUT TAMPONS OR 

So....  love your janitors!  They're the ones always called in to 
clean up.... um...... toxic spills..... :-D

(p.s.  they are the ones who SHOULD be called too, since they 
have all that big powerful suction equipment and boxes and boxes 
of latex gloves!)

But if/when my endo ever has me do a 24 hr urine, I'm definitely 
going to pay attention to the quality of the bottle!!!!!
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