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[IP] 24 turned 48

Funny thing happened when I took in my 24hr urine today.  It never made it
past the elevator! The bag broke and when the bag broke the container also
broke. Left a BIG puddle right in front of the elevator. If that wasnt bad
enough, my husband got mad and was using 4 letter words (venting his
frustration) in front of strangers and like a red balloon, drawing attention
to what had just happened. OK....so I went over to my docs office and picked
up another container to do it all over again. Just when I thought things
were getting better I notice "water" on the bathroom floor.  I could just
scream!!!! The second container had a pinhole in it.  Before it leaked out
to much I got the second container (I was prepared thank goodness) and did a
transfer.  I know I will have to tell them that some of it leaked out (I
think they allow a certain degree of error) and I hope that doesnt mess up
the results (which I dont think are going to be the best anyway)
So tomorrow when I take it in, I am holding on to it for dear life. Heres
hoping I dont have to do it again.
Dealing with a bg of 46 right now.......Its got to get better......

BTW--I did alert them to the mess that needed cleaning up
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