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[IP] deacreased need for insulin

Joni S writes:I went on a job interview (shh...don't tell anybody) ...this 
is a job
interivew that lasts 1.5 days...including dinner, lunch and talking with
people for 8 hours.....I had decided that I had better keep my BG a little
high (around 200, just in case), so I did not bolus for any meals that I
ate...I just had the basal running .... the interview was Tuesday and
Wednesday.....since Tuesday - i have not bolused for any meals and have
maintained a NORMAL Bg (100-120) for the entire time...how can that be????
really depresed now and that maybe I need change and that that might decrease
my need for insulin...but I have never thought that before...

You mentioned you were type 2 and therefore make some of your own insulin. 
Your own regulatory mechanisms seem to be working well and keeping your bgs 
normal.  Depression usually increases bg. you may be able to reevaluate 
your basal rates and decrease them  slightly but check with your endo. this 
may offer you a way to decrease your weight and your insulin needs. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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