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[IP] Poor Erica - Thanks Curtis

Thanks Curtis for the suggestions.  I have just now managed to convince her to
suck on a popsicle.  Getting some tylenol down (chewable Juniors) was a
supreme effort as it seems that everything that hits her mouth, ends up in the
pan.  She was so frightened of throwing up some more that she would not take
anything.  At least she sucked a sucker for a small but steady input of

She has climbed a bit, although still lower than I would expect for little
insulin for almost an hour when her normal basal rate is 1.1.  And, with a
juice pack to boot! Although the juice pack has spent more time on my
furniture than in her stomach.

I did set a lower basal rate when I saw that it was going to be an issue, but
it was not low enough obviously and as I had to get those sugars up right
away, I set a 0.0 basal for 30 minutes.  This is sooo strange.
I like the popsicle/no bolus idea.  all the ones we have now are sugar free,
so will have to send out for some regular popsicles for her to absorb slowly.
I am glad she doesn't get ill often.

Keep your fingers crossed that the popsicles stay down!!

Does anyone else experience this with illness?  Low Blood sugars?

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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