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[IP] Poor Erica :( Am I setting her up for Ketones?

My butterfly is grounded.  Poor thing came home from school sick today.  She
was positively grey.  Stomach pains which turned into vomiting.  I have been
running back and forth between this computer and her bedside.

She hasn't been sick to her stomach with a virus in YEARS!  Colds and the
like, yes, but not a tummy virus.

I have had to suspend her pump for 30 minutes as her blood sugars were in the
low area of her zone prior to vomiting, and they continued to drop slightly
even with the consumption of a junior juice pack. The juice pack and the
remains of whatever she might have consumed a few hours previous made a modern
art sort of design as they were expelled upon my blue velvet furniture <g>  I
certainly hope Febreeze works :)

Is this strange?
Erica has had two lows since Diabetes that required my intervention   Not bad
for 8.5 years of living with the damn thing.  Both times she was in an
altered-conscious state, and not seizing or anything, but confused.
With both lows, they were followed by vomiting for a few hours.
Now, with vomiting from a virus, her blood sugar is low.

So in Erica's case.
Low Blood Sugars = Vomiting?
Vomiting from a virus = Low Blood sugars?
Now, isn't that a little out of the ordinary? I realize that you can't draw a
conclusion from such a small amount of data, but it is perplexing.

She hasn't had a pee yet so I can't check for ketones.
After the discussion about the ketones the other day, I have a little
I suspended her pump for 30 minutes (that was 45 minutes ago) because she
could not keep anything down and even sucking on a sucker was causing her to
vomit, but her sugar kept creeping down.  I just did her sugar AGAIN and they
are STILL in the 'low' end of her zone.  Normally she would take some carbs
for this.

Am I setting her up for Ketones?  I had to withdraw the basal insulin in order
to keep her from going lower and she does have a virus as she is now sporting
a fever, so is she more likely now to have ketones??  I can't check for a bit
as she still won't/can't pee and I know it would take a little while after
that.  I was just wondering how safe it is to suspend the pump periodically
while she is battling throwing up.  right now she is taking licks of a sucker
I have next to her head.
My heart aches for her.  I am now off to read her another story.........

Oh yes, I am sooo glad I never gave away my Fisher Price baby monitor.  In my
house a weak voice doesn't carry very well, it has been a godsend today.  Just
passing along a tip that might help somebody else someday.

Erica calls......

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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