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[IP] Site problems.

> We have been having a lot of trouble lately with my daughter's sites
> going bad in 1 or 2 days. 
> She is 11 1/2, hormonal (!) and
> only uses her stomach for sites (which could also be her prob.)
> Also, she is pumping with Humolog. 

Sounds like our house. The short site life is the biggest concern. 
I'd suggest a week on regular or Velosulin to see if the site life 
improves. If it does, consider and insulin mix to make it permanent.

Only the tummy ...... well..... Lily announced the beginning of last 
summer that she was ONLY going to use her backside because with a 
Tender/Sil/Comfort set, her bikini would completely cover everything 
when she disconnected. She still rotates front to back, but not when 
she's gonna show skin :-) I have to admit, it took a couple of months 
to get her to try her back side and that was after almost 6 months of 
getting her to try a Tender/Sil/Comfort set to begin with she's been 
using them a couple of years or more now. Appeal to your daughter's 
vanity - that should work. 
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