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Re: [IP] More signs you're testing your bgs too often....

> Natalie,
>  My son's endo, who happens to be THE BEST ENDO IN THE WORLD...has
>  told me 
> that he thinks we are testing too much too.  I worry because poor
> Josh's little fingers are looking pretty ratty but it is Josh
> himself who insists on testing more often.  He is becoming more
> sensitive to highs and lows (a good thing at age 9) and so he wants
> to see if he is correct.  Also our endo wants 'his kids' to be
> treated as 'normal' as possible so that is why he doesn't want
> excessive testing.

I think your endo is off base. Testing is empowering Josh to control 
his own life and take control of his diabetes. He can now manage his 
diabetes instead of the other way around. Don't discourge him from 
doing so. He will do other things as well -- like go on overnights, 
camping trips -- he'll take up some high demand sport. Being in good 
control will allow him to do these things with confidence and as well 
or better than his peers. He will be respected for being as good or 
better than them AND dealing with diabetes at the same time. I speak 
from experience. Most of Lily's friends, teachers and coaches are in 
awe of her because of exactly this.
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