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Re: [IP] More signs you're testing your bgs too often....

Natalie wrote:
>Do you know I've NEVER had anyone ask what my BG is? Which is not to say
>that they don't care, but they don't know anything, and wouldn't know
>what the answer meant, anyway.

Yeah, that's my sense of things. I mean, why should a non-diabetic
know what the numbers mean? I certainly didn't before I got diabetes.
Even my husband, who knows what my target ranges are, often 
over-reacts (with a gasp of horror) if I tell him about a low or high; 
I don't think he realizes how common it is for me to be out of range. 
(Either that, or I snapped at him once too often for not being concerned 
enough about my lows and highs.)

The only time I've ever had someone (other than a health care provider)
ask specifically about a number was when I was checking my blood 
sugar in the ladies' room during intermission at the theater. An elderly
woman started asking me lots of questions ("Oh, are you diabetic? My
friend is diabetic, she has to take shots. Do you have to take shots? Oh,
does that hurt?" etc.) Usually I don't mind answering questions like 
these (I figure it's my chance to educate people about diabetes), but 
this woman was a total stranger and was getting in my way, craning 
over to look at the meter while it was counting down. Looking at the 
meter, she asked "What does it say?" That was the last straw. I didn't 
have the presence of mind to say "That's really none of your business," 
but did say "I'm trying to concentrate here, and I need some privacy," 
or something like that.  (I was particularly uninterested in talking about 
it right then because we'd been out to dinner before the theater; my 
blood sugar was pretty high and I was feeling grumpy about it.) Of course, 
I came up with plenty of snappy comebacks later on after I'd gone back 
to my seat....

But, getting back to the topic, I think that how often to check is a very
individual decision. I think there are some good reasons not to check
as frequently as you may be tempted to -- it's possible to get too obsessed
with the numbers, to over-correct, and lose your perspective. I think
that from time to time it can good idea to loosen up and back off the
intensive management. But it bugs me when a doctor tells me that
I'm checking too often, or that "that number really isn't that high." Before
I went on the pump, I would frequently have fasting bgs around 200.
One doctor (not an endo) said "well, that really isn't that high." My 
answer was "I know that it's not immediately dangerous, but are you 
saying that it's okay for me to wake up with a blood sugar of 200 on 
a regular basis?" She had to admit that it wasn't a good idea....

/Janet L.

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