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[IP] An interesting experience

I had the following experience this week and am questioning some issues....
here is the story....

I went on a job interview (shh...don't tell anybody) ...this is a job
interivew that lasts 1.5 days...including dinner, lunch and talking with
people for 8 hours.....I had decided that I had better keep my BG a little
high (around 200, just in case), so I did not bolus for any meals that I
ate...I just had the basal running .... the interview was Tuesday and
Wednesday.....since Tuesday - i have not bolused for any meals and have
maintained a NORMAL Bg  (100-120) for the entire time...how can that be????

I can understand, maybe, the stress of the interview day on Wed...it wasn't
really that stressful, but still....but it has now continued for the next day
and half...(today if Friday)....do you think the need for insulin can be
psychological, too??? am I bolusing too much or am I too depressed
normally....would that have a real effect on need for insulin???

(I am a type 2, been on pump for 6 months...I one of those really resistant
folks - using around 90 units for basal/day and divide cho by 2 for
boluses...so around 200 units per day of insulin...normally)

any thoughts would be appreciated - because my thought is that maybe I'm
really depresed now and that maybe I need change and that that might decrease
my need for insulin...but I have never thought that before...

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