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Re: [IP] Re:glucose testing at school

HI.  My son is 9 and in the third grade.  We have already run the gamut when 
it cme to how Josh's diabetes is dealt with at school.  In first grade they 
INSISTED that he walk the distance to the office to test at lunch then they 
would hold him or lunch if his BG wan't just right.  This was infuriating.  
So I requested that Josh be allowed to test in the classroom.  OK with 
teacher.  They held a meeting without telling me or inviting me, to discuss 
my request and it was decided they would 'allow' him to try this.  Meanwhile 
I researched it and discovered that our state (WA) and recently passed new 
State Guidelines for the Care of Diabetic Children in Public Schools.  The 
RNs knew about these but failed to inform ANYONE.  Testing in the classroom 
was going GREAT until the principal decided HE wasn't comfrotable with it and 
decided to stop it.  I had a face-off with him where I showed him the new 
regs and after much to-do he has backed down.  If the school nurses had 
informed him and the school board about the new regs none of this would have 

   So I guess we are lucky because we DO have state regs involving my sons 
care in his school.

mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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