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[IP] Re: pre-filled insulin

In a message dated 1/11/01 8:16:57 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I don't believe that it can be true about the prefilled cartridges for the
> H-Tron being available for these reasons:
> 1. The cartridge for the H-Tron and D-Tron are different.
> 2. Since Humalog is not approved for the pump Disetronic had to set up a
> deal will Lilly to make a pen that the cartridges could be used in to bypass
> the FDA.
> 3. The H-Tron's cartridges don't fit the pen either.
> Try going to the Disetronic site (the source) to find out the real deal.
> It's as quick as that to find out rather than posting here for an answer.
What my disetronic rep told me is that they are making cartridges for the 
d-tron and separate different size cartridges that fit the h-tron.
They are not the same cartridge.

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