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Re: [IP] Weight gain ;-<

Gail wrote:

<<I have to agree with Susan.  I gained 7 lbs the first 3 months on the
pump -
probably because I felt like I could eat anything I wanted to.  I have now
adjusted to the pump and and gone back to reality.  Sure - I can eat
anything I
want but will pay the price - weight gain!  I have almost lost the 7 lbs now
it just feels great to have the freedom to know I CAN eat anything - if I

When you're on the pump, you're just like anyone else.  You can gain weight
if you choose to overeat or eat the wrong foods.  I enjoy my chocolate
without weight gain because I work it into my diet and never eat the whole
candy bar (actually it takes me a week or more to consume one 7 oz Hershey
Bar).  Yes, I have great self-control, that's what living with the
diabeastie for 37 years has taught me.  I usually try to keep my insulin
level at about 30u or less per day.  When I go higher I know I've eaten too
much (more than likely junk food) and will pay with a few extra pounds.
Kinda like Weight Watchers, except instead of counting points, I count units
of insulin!

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