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Re: [IP] Krispy Kreme donuts

Well I went to the Grocery Store last night to get some milk and guess what
was sitting at the door?........The Krispy Kreme delivery truck.  It turns
out that the doughnuts that are sold in Foodlion  (I'm in NC, Krispy Kreme
Homeland)  So I go and check out the selection. They had already boxed up *6
to a box*and reduced the doughnuts that were delivered the previous night. I
went nuts  (Dough"nuts") and bought five boxes at .99cents each.  I only
wanted a couple so I got the rest for my hubby to take to work.
Anyway I can attest to the fact that a longer bolus is definitely needed for
these babies.  I ate two with a starting Bg of 101  I bolused 6 units
(1unit for 10grams)  any way about 40 minutes latter I'm feeling really
weird and my mouth is going numb.  I check my bg and it's 27.  I haven't
seen  a low like that in a LONG time.  I got hubby to help me out and after
I drank some juice I was still 27.  So then I ate a sandwich. PB&J   That
did the trick.

It was heaven while it lasted.........
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