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Re: [IP] More signs you're testing your bgs too often....

email @ redacted wrote:
> I think if your co-workers are asking and checkingon you it is a sure sign
> that they really care about how you are doing and is a good guarantee that
> someone will be watching in case you run into trouble!!!

>From MY viewpoint, it's definitely a sign of caring. 

Do you know I've NEVER had anyone ask what my BG is? Which is not to say
that they don't care, but they don't know anything, and wouldn't know
what the answer meant, anyway.

Very rarely, someone will ask if I'm OK, or if I can eat something, but
that's about it!

And to keep this on thread -- I had a GP who told me I was testing too
much (in the early days, when I really NEEDED to know what my BGs were
doing, and what was reasonable and what wasn't), and that a PP BG of 300
was normal. And she threatened to take the meter away from me. Sigh.
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