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[IP] Re:glucose testing at school

   Happy pumping to everyone. I am the mother of a 10 yr. old pumper. We had 
yet another meeting with the school board in their study session. They have 
conceded on most issues except one. They insist that glucose testing at the 
desk occur only on the perimeter seats. In other words, if you are in the 
front row, back or side rows you may test. So now until graduation my son 
will need to sit in these seats if he wants to do glucose testing. Their 
decision is not based on any sound medical basis other than they would have 
to deal with fewer parents if blood got on another student which has occurred 
in our district according to administration.  
        I have given the district information on testing as well as a letter 
from a renowned infectious disease specialist stating that their is zero risk 
for transmission of disease in glucose testing as long as the child has been 
immunized for hepatitis B. With the public view of blood borne pathogens the 
district is scared that some parents will be upset that testing is occurring 
in the classroom. 
       If their are any parents that know of a procedure or policy that has 
been passed in their school district I would love to see a copy. Everybody 
supports testing anytime anywhere but few are willing to commit to things on 
paper. I only want the school to take each individual and decide on a case by 
case basis what is best with regard to glucose testing.
       Another thought has anyone filed an act 504 which contradicted a 
school policy or procedure?
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